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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hermit Thrush beauty

A few days ago we had a Hermit Thrush in our yard, eating pokeberries. This lesser-known relative of the American Robin has a beautiful song and breeds across much of Canada, the West and upper eastern parts of the U.S. It winters in the lower third of the U.S. and beyond. Watch for this thrush now, during its migration, and look for it in southern areas in winter.


Chatterbirds said...

Wonderful bird to have in the yard. Let's all plant some pokeberry bushes!

warriormom said...

It's a first in my yard, showing up this morning eating the fall fruit from my dogwood tree.

Molly Merula said...

I'll keep an eye on my own pokeberries! The bush in our garden is swarmed with waxwings nearly every time I look at it.

Glenn Cap'n Gilz said...

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Enjoy Life Birding said...

Lovely photo with the reflection.
~ Rory