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Monday, April 11, 2011

Bald Eagle with nesting material

This morning we had 2 adult Bald Eagles collecting grassy nesting material in our field at the edge of our pond. One of them was on the ground at the edge of the pond and grabbed a bunch of grasses and weeds and flew off. The other sat in a tree above for half an hour, then went down into the field grabbed some grass and flew off. They were not building a nest on the pond, instead they flew away to the northwest. We saw an adult eagle also collect nesting material on 4/2, and I got a this photo of that bird then. I has a clump of grasses in its talon and there might be a band on the left talon.

Bald Eagles build nests of sticks and line them with sod, grasses, seaweed and other materials. Eagles continue to bring material to their nest throughout the incubation and nestling phases. Both male and female build the nest. There is a pair of Bald Eagles nesting on a lake about 6 1/2 miles northwest from here. We wonder if these are the same eagles, or mystery eagles who have a nest somewhere else. More detective work is needed.


Emma Springfield said...

Such majestic creatures. There is nothing quite like watching the large birds of prey soaring in the sky.


WOW! A fabulous, in flight look at a Bald Eagle.