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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Migration madness

Common Merganser, male

Distant Common Mergansers and Tree Swallows flying above

Newly arrived Tree Swallow, we saw 130 + Tree Swallows here today. Put up bird houses with a 1 1/2 inch diameter opening, Tree Swallows will nest there and housing is in short supply for them.

Things are popping at Bobolink Farm, our NH home. We have had over 120 ducks at once in our cove with clouds of migrant Tree Swallows flying above. We have had,

Common Mergansers (70+)
Hooded Mergansers
Ring-necked Ducks (50+)
Common Goldeneyes
Green-winged Teal
Wood Ducks
Black Ducks

Today we saw 130 + Tree Swallows all flying over the pond and our fields. Many were competing for our bird houses. We stood in the middle of a swarm of swallows, they were swooping and feeding all around us, some flying so low we have a view of their backs. It was pure magic.

We put up some new nesting boxes for Hooded and Common Mergansers and Wood Ducks, hoping to lure some to stay and breed. They need large nest boxes

Other new arrivals are
Chipping Sparrow
2 Wilson's Snipe
Palm Warbler
4 Yellow-rumped Warblers today

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