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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wings on Wednesday: Mallards

I photographed these two, lovely, male Mallards recently at Dead Creek, WMA, VT. They look like synchronized planes in an air show. This photo shows off the blue speculum of their wings outlined, in front and back, in white and their white tails, both helpful ID clues in flight.

There were hundreds of Mallards and other ducks there, as well as hundreds of Snow Geese (too far away to photograph). Waterfowl are migrating now. Places like this give migrating ducks and geese a highly important resting and refueling place on their journey south.


Bird Feeders said...

Wow, beautiful. I love they are synchronized!

Bird Cages said...

Hi, Lillian

You had posted nice images and good story about the Mallards. Well, am also bird loving guy and also good in photography. I really liked your image. Its my first comment to any post and I think from now onwards I will keep commenting to your blogs cos I find your posts are related to wildlife. Thanks for sharing.

Good Job..!