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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Too Funny, Corgis ID Birds with The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America

"What did you say they looked like?... This is the page, I think,"

"Yup, Gryff - I think those are Turkeys outside!"

"I agree, Rugby, that picture looks just like them."

Our new The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America has all kinds of fans, we're learning. These funny photos of Pembroke Welsh Corgis using the guide, complete with quotes, was sent to us by Susan Peitricola of VT.

We cracked up when we saw these photos and, being Corgi owners ourselves, we know it's not easy to get such photos (Corgis are very smart dogs, and cookie bribery is usually involved).

Even funnier is the page they're turned to, page 68, the Wild Turkey page (with Lillian's photo of the three Turkeys). It just so happens that recently, our own Corgi, Abby, saw some Wild Turkeys in our field. Corgis are herding dogs and, although Abby has never been trained in herding, she ran down the hill and in no time had herded those Turkeys into a tight little ball. She then proudly ran back to us. Too funny times two.


Ben Carlsen said...

I love this.. I think jokes around animals is just great.. thats why I started my own webcomic about birds.

You have a good blog here.. I hope others enjoy it a much as I do..

also... those dogs are very adorable!


Bird Feeders said...

Great photographs and a very funny story! Instinctual drive, it's a hard thing to lose.

Paula said...

The one on the right looks like Wicket... wonder if they are Sippawissett corgis?

Lillian Stokes said...

Hi Paula,
The Corgis are Gryffin ("Allspice McLicious HIC), a Troy great grandson so is somewhat of a cousin to Phoebe, our other Corgi. Rugby on the right, ("Allspice Red Royal RN HIC AXP AXJ") is Gryffin's half-brother. Their breeder is Barb du Pree near Ottawa.