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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Stokes Field Guide To The Birds of North America

Bestseller !
The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America
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"Birders worldwide will eagerly welcome this comprehensive and all-inclusive new field guide from Donald and Lillian Stokes. Brimming with 3400 stunning photographs illustrating 854 species, this is unequivocally the most spectacular compendium of North American bird identification photographs ever assembled between two covers. With high-quality depictions of the essential plumages of virtually every species and subspecies currently on the American Birding Association (ABA) Checklist, this monumental volume offers birders the most up-to-date information on field identification of North American birds currently available. .... this volume significantly resets the bar for North American field guides."
Wayne Petersen, Director, Mass. Important Bird Areas Program, Massachusetts Audubon Society

New, The Stokes Field Guide To The
Birds of North America

The biggest, most complete, national photographic field guide ever published!

The ultimate field guide birders have been waiting for, there is nothing like it!!! It has more species, identification text and photos than any other photo field guide and a cutting edge emphasis on quantitative shape that will fast forward your birding to the next level, no matter what level you're on. Size 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. Note, Retail price, $24.99, 815 pages. Pub. Little, Brown & Co.

We are so very excited that our all new, national bestseller, The Stokes Field Guide To The Birds Of North America, is now in its third printing. This is a completely all new book and not a revision to our existing regional guides, Stokes Field Guide to the Birds, eastern and western regions. This is the most comprehensive national photographic bird guide ever published, all in one volume. Great for all levels of birding. Features include:

- 854 North American bird species, including everything from beloved backyard favorites to the latest high-interest rarities birders most want to see. This is 100 more ABA checklist species than in almost all other field guides, drawn or photographic)

- Well over 3,400 stunning color photographs (over 1000 more than any other photo field guide) from America’s top bird photographers, including many from Lillian, are clearly presented in an uncluttered, beautiful, easy-to-view format. Photos cover ALL significant plumages, including: male, female, summer, winter, immature, morphs, important subspecies, and birds in flight. Difficult species are shown from every important angle. The date and location each photo was taken are included with each photograph.

- Includes bonus CD of the songs and calls of 150 common species (over 600 sounds), a sampling from our Stokes Field Guide to Bird Song CDs by Lang Elliott and Kevin Colver.

- We give MORE (not less) space, photos and identification information for the hard-to-identify species because that is what birders want and need.

- The most up-to-date, detailed and complete identification clues of any North American field guide. Finally birders will have all they need to know in one place.

- The FIRST field guide to include ALL subspecies with complete information on their range, identification and common and scientific names. This will help birders understand important regional variation in a species’ appearance.

- The FIRST national field guide to emphasize "quantitative shape" as a new cutting-edge method of bird identification. The comprehensive account of each species shape and proportions provides a more accurate and understandable way to use shape in identifying birds.

- The newest range maps available detail species winter, summer, and year-round ranges as well as migration routes and extra-limital vagrancies.

- Special help for identifying birds in flight through important clues of behavior, plumage, and shape.

- The very newest scientific and common names, splits and lumps. And yes, we have included Pacific Wren.

- Detailed descriptions of the song and calls, important behavioral information, and key habitat preferences of each species.

- Other user-friendly features that will help birders and much, much more.


Kevin said...

Boy, I sure wish I was a reviewer right about now...

Alan Pulley said...

Your new field guide sounds great. Can't wait to get a copy when it comes out! I would love to purchase an autographed copy if possible.

Anonymous said...


Life Looms Large said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to see it in person!!


The Lowcountry Birder said...

Looking forward to your new field guide coming out - my old copy is getting tattered!

Hilke Breder said...

Just got mine in the mail. It's stunning!!

Andrea said...
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Anonymous said...

A picture is worth a thousand words. Can I find some sample pages anywhere?

Anonymous said...

I just bought it and it's great. I'm a beginning birder and the incredible number of species out there is intimidating. This will be a big help and the photos are great.