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Monday, August 09, 2010

Flying Bird Seed

Really now, must you toss the bird seed? This is a photo of our Red-breasted Nuthatch, male, at our bird feeder. The bottom photo was taken a millisecond after the top photo (love my Canon 1D Mark IV camera). I think he just tossed the seed. Whoopeee!
Wait, you're supposed to eat that!
What do you think the captions for this should be?


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I have no ideas for a caption,but this is stunning photography.

Anonymous said...

"I hate it when I hiccup"

Andy said...


Great capture!

Marilyn Kircus said...

"Whoops, wrong way!". You can see that it is the blunt end down and he will probably want to swallow it pointed end down. I see egrets toss fish all the time until they have them head first so the scales don't catch in their throats.

I've even watched snakes catch fish by their backs and then turn them head first to swallow them.