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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Thinking about what new birds will show up at the feeders this winter. Perhaps some Evening Grosbeaks, like this male? Gotta love the dramatic coloring, like a space cadet worthy of Star Trek. Listen for their sleigh-bell like calls. Being an "irruptive species", some years they come down into the U.S. more, some years not so much. It depends on the cone crop success in their usual wintering areas.
Speaking of feeders, Christmas Bird counts are coming up. They're fun to participate in. We always do.

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Unknown said...

Our first winter in our house, in a rural suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, we had Evening Grosbeaks at our feeder in large amounts. We thought, this is awesome, we will see them every year. And, in the past 25 winters, we have probably seen them once. Wish they'd come visit more often!