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Monday, December 07, 2009

Bluebird, time to migrate

This morning we had a lone Eastern Bluebird fly over our field, as an adult Bald Eagle looked out from its perch across our lake. We had the first snow here on Sat. and the temps are colder. Made us think the bluebird really needs to migrate south now.
Eastern Bluebirds can remain in more northerly areas during winter months, where they survive by eating berries, such as sumac, and roost in bird houses or tree holes at night. But most head to more southern U.S. areas to warmer, gentler weather. We have seen bluebirds wintering in GA and FL. By March bluebirds usually return to our yard. We'll have the bluebird houses cleaned out and waiting.


Unknown said...

In our first winter as "snowbirds" running away from Minnesota in January last year, it was so fun to see our summer birds in their winter homes for the first time. We saw scores of bluebirds on our hikes last February in the Biloxi, Mississippi area. We haven't seen any in the Twin Cities lately. There are a few robins holding out up here, though! We have winter storm warnings for tomorrow and Wednesday, so hope they take flight!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Just think it's only a few more months until the birds start their return migration,:)Can you tell I'm anxiously waiting?

Kim said...

Bluebirds show up at my feeders during winter. Not predictable though. When they do come is mostly the coldest times of winter and usually heavy snows and thick ice. They eat from my chipped sunflower and safflower feeder. It is a beautiful sight. I actually had one last week come to a suet. It pecked a couple times and then left.
I'm in NE Ohio