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Monday, May 18, 2009

Catbird "meow"

Sorry we were too busy to blog much last week. It's a busy time of year for birding, gardening, etc. plus we are finishing a book. The other day I heard the familiar "meow" call coming from the shrubbery near the bird feeder. It was one of the calls of the Gray Catbird. I looked with my binos and saw a Gray Catbird sitting in a shrub at the edge of the bird feeder area. It had a very good vantage point for seeing out, watching for any potential predators, and checking all the bird activity that was coming and going from the feeder. I was thinking that must be what the phrase "sitting in the catbird seat" was all about. It does refer to being in "an advantageous position."
When sit on my adirondack chair with binos, watching the feeder and our property, I feel like I am in the catbird seat, birding-wise at least.

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