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Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm Abby, Don and Lillian's puppy (and Phoebe's cousin). Here I am at the Memorial Day picnic playing with puppy Blaze. He sure is cute. Can you tell I'm having a good time? I smile a lot. I'm also less-than-perfect. I leave that perfect thing to Phoebe (who thinks she's perfect but, truth be told, she's really not).
This week I ate dandelions, ate a moth, ate ants, ate a hole in Lillian and Don's new carpet and just had a whopping good time. Tonight I graduate from Basic Dog Obedience class. Lillian thinks I'm doing very well there, except the part about talking back to the teacher. I can do sit, down, stand, come and I've got a killer down-stay. Lillian says it's a good thing I'm so cute, it makes up for my less-than-perfect qualities. Don't tell Phoebe I'm blogging, she thinks she's the only blogging Corgi.


Anonymous said...

She's too cute!

Mary C said...

Hi Abby. Welcome to the blogging world. ;o)