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Friday, December 19, 2008

And Still No Power

Hi All,
We still have no power. We are in one of the ice storm's hardest hit areas of New Hampshire, the Monadnock Region. 30,000 people in the state still have no power. 850 line crews from all over the country are in the state working to restore the power.
We finally got a generator (hard to get as they all sold out) a few days ago and can run our furnace, cold water, a few lights and charge the computer. Now we can sleep at night, as the wood stove needed to be restocked every 3 hours.
We hope to get power soon but a big storm is coming tonight and will slow down the efforts.
We'll keep you posted.
Puppy Abby, who plays and plays with Phoebe, is comic relief during this trying time.
Lillian and Don


Mary C said...

I'm so glad to hear you finally have a generator. Let's keep hoping that the storm heading your way won't hamper the power people's efforts to restore power to you. In an amusing way, you can say it definitely will be a "white" Christmas for you. Merry Christmas, Lillian and Don, Phoebe and Abby!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, thats long, I hope you get relief soon, at least before Christmas.I can't imagine all that this time of year. The hurricanes down here in Florida were bad enough, but it wasn't Christmas time!! Good luck and have a Blessed Christmas (with power)

NCmountainwoman said...

I read your posts regularly, but rarely comment. But I need to let you know that many of us are thinking of you and our neighbors to the midwest. How dreadful.

Dawn Fine said...

Wow you had quite the storm...good thing you have a fireplace as backup...and now a generator...
It must be difficult for those with no back up power or heat

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Hope your power is up and running soon,in the meantime stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Dear Phoebe & Abby I hope you are staying safe & warm & bringing some smiles to Don & Lillian! I was just out playing in the snow but it is very cold out! My mom is praying that you don't get too much snow & that your power gets restored completely soon!
Your loving brother, Polo

A New England Life said...

I sure hope you get your power turned back on this week-end! What a terrible time it has been for some families.

Our next door neighbors have been living off a generator since last Sunday, waiting for Unitil to come hitch their electrical line back up to the pole. At least they have power and heat though. I feel for those who still don't.

Take care,

Unknown said...

that's to bad! hope the power comes back before Christmas!

Lillian Stokes said...

Thank-you all for your comments. We finally got our power back and are very happy.