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Monday, January 28, 2008

Size and Shape

Here are some more images to practice size and shape comparisons, both within each bird, and between birds. In making judgements about the size of a shorebird's bill, compare the length of the bird's bill to the length of the bird's head (when the head is viewed from the side.) What can you say about the length of these birds' bills? We will discuss this more tomorrow.


Mary C said...

Well, I'll give it another try. Both birds seem to be on the plump side and probably the size of a crow? They both have small-medium sized heads and short tails. The first bird's bill is medium in length (about the same length as its head) and straight. And its legs seem to be of medium length and thickness. I also think this bird has slightly longer and more tapered wings than the second bird. The second bird's bill is quite long (about 2-1/2 times longer than its head), and straight. This bird is heavy chested, much like the Dunlin in yesterday's post. And I'll guess that it has short wide wings and medium sized legs (length & thickness). I'm trying not to get into coloring here, but I think the first bird's legs are dark, whereas the second bird's legs look to be yellowish. Again, these shorebirds are real challenges for me.

Lillian Stokes said...
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Lillian Stokes said...

Great comments, you are well on your way to developing the observational skills that will increase your ability to identify shorebirds. See our comments regarding these two photos on Tuesday, Jan. 29ths blog entry.