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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year!

We hope you have a wonderful 2008, and that you see and enjoy even more birds than last year! We will continue our efforts to try and bring you a blog full of beautiful bird photos, inspiring birding information, our adventures and, oh yes, the magic of Corgis.
From Lillian, Don and Phoebe

P.S. We got this group photo by Don holding the camera at arm's length and we all squeezed into the frame. Below is the blooper out-take of Phoebe kissing Don.


Anonymous said...

Love the phoebe kiss photo! Happy New Year and might 2008 bring you many more amazing photos!

NatureWoman said...

Happy New Year! Awww, I love the "blooper" photo, too!!

Anonymous said...


Many thanks for all the wonderful pictures and stories you share with others!!

ChrisJ said...

Wonderful family photo! My first dog was a corgi.

Susan said...

Love the blooper photo! Happy New Year!