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Friday, January 19, 2007

Phoebe break

Here's a little break from the birding content with a recent photo of our Corgi puppy, Phoebe. She was resting her head on one of her favorite toys, a daschund-like stuffed brown dog with a slinky like stretchy middle, a head that squeaks and a rear that has a rattle. In this case she's using it for a pillow. We use it to play with her by throwing it for her to fetch, dragging it around the floor for her to chase, and making it squeak for her to pounce on. She'll pick it up and bring it over for us to play with her. Since she's our only dog, we're her playmates and we try to be inventive in our games with her. We're in Sanibel, FL now. When we return to NH she will be able to visit her sister, brother and mom, who live nearby with her breeder and she'll have playmates again.

We just spent a wonder evening last night with Julie Zickefoose, who was visiting Sanibel to give a talk on her new book, Letters from Eden. We'll have more photos of that visit up soon, as well as the scoop on birdJam.


Anonymous said...

i enjoy your blog and following phoebe's growth. how did she get the little scrap above her nose?

Lillian Stokes said...

Hi there,
It is not a scrape on her nose but a little area of less fur so you can see her pink skin through the fur. It is almost a heart-shaped area, and her nose is heart-shaped also, with a little V at the top of the black. The rest of her coat is very thick and silky and fun to pet. Corgis shed lots, but she still has her first coat and has not shed at all yet. We will see lots of fur when she does!