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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Birdwatch America

We're back from Birdwatch America, the big trade show in which a large number of manufacturers of bird watching and bird feeding products have booths and sell their products to the retailers who come to the show.
We had a great time in our Stokes Birding Series of Binoculars booth. We have a complete line, with binos for beginner's, intermediate and advanced birders. We even have a new Stokes Bird Watching Kit for kids and beginner's.
Phoebe was with us, we got special permission to take her into our booth because our Corgi mascot tradition is so much a part of our brand and who we are. The tradition was started by our beloved Corgi Daisy, who 40 million viewers of our Stokes Birds At Home PBS TV show got to know as a regular on the show. Phoebe is carrying on the tradition in Daisy's footsteps. She was a big hit. Lots of people said hi to us and just had to pet Phoebe. Phoebe is a sweetie and took it all in her stride, she loves to be petted. It was fun to show our line of bird watching binoculars to all the nice retailers, many of whom already carry our Stokes Birding Series of binoculars line in their stores.
We will tell you more about the show and all the interesting products we saw there, shortly.

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