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Friday, April 21, 2006

Savannah Sparrow

(click on photo to see a larger version of photo)

On our morning walk, we saw a bird flush up out of the large hayfield at our home, Bobolink Farm, and land in a shrub. It turned out to be a Savannah Sparrow, the first one we've seen this year. A beautiful sparrow, Savannah's have a pale, cream-colored breast with fine brown streaking, and distinctive yellow on the front part of their eyebrow.

This was an exciting moment for us. When we see a grassland species of bird choose our property, it means we have good habitat for that species. Our goal at Bobolink Farm is to maintain a diversity of habitat for many species of birds, especially grassland species. Grasslands and hayfields are actually rare habitats in New England, which is mostly heavily wooded. So — welcome, Savannah Sparrow.

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