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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Garden Time

Yesterday we couldn't even get photos up on blogger, most likely because 1. We have a dial-up connection, 2. It was after 6 pm when possibly the most traffic occurs on blogger. So here is another try.
Yesterday we put in new garden beds. Don did lots of hard digging, laying boards for new beds, digging out sand and replacing it with good loam and compost, the basis for good garden beds. Daisy was the ever present supervisor. Lillian did digging, dividing perennials, and garden design for the new beds which will transform the area behind the barn at Bobolink Farm. There will be a gazebo built where she is now sitting, a long border of perennials, and 5 smaller beds. The overall theme will be gardens that attract birds and butterflies and that have pleasing combinations of plant materials that give color from early spring to frost. Lillian is working on the design of the beds that Don is digging out. Some favorite plants for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies that Lillian is thinking about using are:
Bee Balm
Verbena bonariensis

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