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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Magnolia Warbler, male, looking at you.

More eye candy. I just love Magnolia Warblers. If you want to remember how to ID them, I think of them as the "everything warbler." In spring they have just about every type of field mark warblers can have — dark mask, eye-crescents, white eyebrow starting above eye, white wing-bars, yellow throat, yellow underparts with black stripes forming almost a necklace, white undertail coverts. They have white spots part way up the black tail, so when viewed from underneath, the tail has a black tip.


Shellmo said...

Your magnolia photos were amazing - their colors so vibrant!

Grant McCreary said...

I love Maggies, and those are some great pictures. That first one is especially fantastic!
The "Everything Warbler" - I'd never thought about them that way before, but that certainly fits.

Tabib said...

Great warblers pics you got there.