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Monday, May 12, 2008

Eye Candy Warblers

We're just back from Crane Creek/Magee Marsh, Ohio warbler birding hotspot. Here's a photo of a beautiful, male, Cape May Warbler I photographed there. The place was dripping Cape May Warblers this time. Until now, I had not gotten a decent photo of one, so I was a happy camper. The black strips on yellow are tiger-like, hence the scientific name for Cape May Warbler is Dendroica tigrina.
There are few places in the eastern U.S. where you can see so many warblers during migration, so close. I will continue to post more "eye candy' warblers during this week.


The Boisverts said...

eye candy, indeed!

mon@rch said...

How great of a photo and I was just in this area this weekend also! I never realized how amazing this place really is!

Suzanne said...

Thank you again for this beautiful eye candy.