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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Purple Finches are on the Move, Watch for Them!

                                                    Purple Finch, male 
Purple Finch, female 
House Finch, male looks similar to Purple Finch, male
 I'm excited that it's getting really finchy here in eastern MA! Finally, Purple Finches are coming through, had two males yesterday, a female the day before and a male and female today, plus Pine Siskin yesterday. The last photo is a male House Finch. Notice the difference with the male Purple Finch who is suffused all over with a more raspberry red and has little flank streaking, whereas the male House Finch has red on head, breast and rump, heavily streaked flanks and a shorter more curved bill. We have a special section in the new The Stokes Guide to Finches of the United States and Canada (pub. Sept. 17, 2024, available for preorder now on amazon and more) on telling the confusing red finches apart.

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