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Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Finches are Coming!! Fill Your Feeders!

Pine Grosbeak
Common Redpoll
Evening Grosbeak
Pine Siskin
White-winged Crossbill

 Here they come! It's getting finchy out there! There were big numbers of migrating finches seen recently at Tadoussac bird observatory (The Observatoire d’Oiseaux de Tadoussac) which sits at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, and had 2,232 Pine Grosbeaks, 474 Common Redpolls, 213 Evening Grosbeaks, 134 White-winged Crossbills and 43 Pine Siskins. Keep those feeders filled and fingers crossed you will see some of these beautiful irruptive finches that come down to thrill us every few years.

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