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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Broad-winged Hawk mega migration in New England!

The motherload of Broad-winged Hawks passed over the hawkwatch sites in NH and MA yesterday with Pack Monadnock Raptor Migration Observatory, NH, reporting 2,886 Broadwings (out of 3,000 total raptors), Mt. Watatic, MA, reporting 2,988 (out of 3,078 total raptors) and Mt. Wachusett, MA ,reporting 3,898 (out of 3,964 total raptors). Counting was aided by some highly experienced spotters at these sites as large "kettles" rose up then peeled off overhead especially during the afternoon hours. These Broadwings are on their way to hawkwatch sites south of here and eventually past places like megasite Corpus Christi HawkWatch, TX, where 23,451 raptors were seen yesterday. The Broadwings will winter in Central and South America then return in the spring. There are still favorable winds this weekend for more migration, but after that most of the Broadwings will be gone and it's onto migrating falcons, accipiters and eagles. To track the migration visit (photos from other times)


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