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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Forster's Tern Here, inland NH!

Yesterday saw a Forster's Tern flying over the pond (really a shallow lake created by a dammed up river) we view from our deck here in SW NH, headed south. It is rare to see terns inland here so this was a special treat. These terns usually are seen on the coast of NH from July 9th to Dec. 28th. There are only a handful of records inland according to Eric Masterson's excellent book, Birdwatching in New Hampshire. Ironically we also saw a Forster's Tern from our property here on 10/2/07 and that one stayed for several hours flying over the pond and sometimes landing on a rock. We are used to seeing many Forster's Terns in FL in winter and that is where this photo is from.

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