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Friday, February 02, 2018

Beautiful Yellow-throated Warblers Wintering in FL!

Yellow-throated Warblers

Yellow-throated Warblers on Sanibel, FL. These are beautiful overwintering warblers in south FL that mostly breed in the eastern lower two-thirds of the country. I have photographed several this year on Sanibel. The interesting thing is that there are two subspecies. One subspecies, (Setophaga donimica dominica) has yellow in the supraloral area and is found from s.e. NJ-s.FL. The other subspecies (Setophaga dominica albilora) which I photographed in our yard, has a usually all white supraloral area and it is found in the rest of its range to west. Subspecies can tell you interesting things about a bird and it's fun to look for subspecies. (Our Stokes Field Guide to Birds of North America, Eastern or Western Region has all the subspecies information).

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