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Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Bird CountsAare About to Happen, Here's How You Can Help

What birds will show up to be counted for the annual Christmas Bird Counts about to happen? This Hairy Woodpecker and American Goldfinch are sharing the Stokes Select Jumbo Seed Bird Feeder.

Busy, busy time for everyone right now, but don't forget the Christmas Bird Counts are about to happen. This year marks the 117th year they have been held. Birders from an area (the country is divided into count circles, each with its own count date, usually in Dec.)  go out and count all the birds in that area during a 24 hr. period. Some birders just participate by watching their bird feeders and counting the birds, others take trips out to count birds in the wild. We shall see what turns up, that's part of the fun of counting every bird you see on that day. For more information on how you can join a Christmas Bird Count in your area go here.

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