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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Who's Migrating Now? Find Out How To Attract Them!

Dark-eyed Juncos, called "snowbirds" because they arrive for winter, are migrating in big numbers and we had 92 on our property yesterday. Look for them at your feeders, eating seed off the ground. Some will winter here. The darkest juncos are adult males, young females are more brown.

Fox Sparrows, with their beautiful foxy color are also migrating. This one was with the Juncos.

American Tree Sparrows will spend the winter here at our feeders in NH, the first one arrived today.

American Robins are all over our yard, loving our crabapples. Although they can be seen here in NH into early winter, once very severe weather sets in and the crabapples are gone, they will have moved on south.

Tips for attracting migrants and wintering birds:
1. Keep multiple feeders stocked with energy packed black oil sunflower and mixes that contain sunflower and millet, a junco favorite. Juncos and other sparrows prefer to feed on the ground.
2. Keep a bird bath going except in severe weather. The robins were drinking and bathing in our bird bath today.
3. Plant crabapples and other fall berry producing trees and shrubs. These will attract robins and Cedar and Bohemian Waxwings and maybe Pine Grosbeaks.
4. Make sure feeders are near dense cover, like evergreens so birds can seek protection from bad weather and predators like Sharp-shinned Hawks.
5. Get our The New Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Eastern or Western Region so you can identify and enjoy your winter visitors.

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