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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Short-tailed Hawk Surprise!

Short-tailed Hawk, what a nice surprise for visiting friends.

We saw one, then two soaring together.

Short-tailed Hawk is not easily seen on Sanibel, so this was a treat.

It soared up high surrounded by the hundreds of Tree Swallows.

We also saw 4 Bald eagles, here's one of them, a first winter eagle.

Julie, Phil and Laurel. Is that a cute baby or what!

We also saw three Clapper Rails, all in the east pond at Bailey Tract, Sanibel.

And a Sora, who, true to rail habits, liked to stay in cover.

A Rail tail!

There was also a Wilson's Snipe. This shows how beautifully camouflaged it is in the habitats where it feeds.

A Short-tailed Hawk appeared, what a great surprise! We went birding with visiting friends, Julie Brown, Site Coordinator for Hawk Migration Association of North America, her husband, Phil Brown of NH Audubon, and their adorable baby, Laurel ,at the Bailey Tract, Sanibel, FL. After seeing 3 Clapper Rails and a Sora, the raptor show began. First we saw 4 Bald Eagles, then a Short-tailed Hawk, spotted by Phil appeared. As we all looked up a second Short-tailed Hawk joined it in the air.

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Sam Brunson said...

Short-tailed Hawk is a great find!