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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Wood Stork, ho-ho-ho

Santa Wood Stork

Wood Stork ad., in flight

The above photo of a juvenile Wood Stork, resting with its neck feathers fluffed out, reminded me of Santa Claus. Wood Storks are an endangered species in the U.S. and breed colonially, mainly in FL, GA, SC, but can wander to other Gulf Coast states. They will nest when water levels are just low enough to concentrate fish shallow pools in sufficient numbers to successfully feed chicks.
This is a bird that looks so beautiful in flight, not so close up, but does a good imitation of Santa.


Gary Howell said...

In Melbourne Florida, I see these birds all the time. I usually see them in drainage ditches catching small fish. You are right they are very ugly when viewed up close by beautiful in flight with their striking black and white.

Chatterbirds said...

Ha ha! Yes, it does kind of look like jolly old Saint Nick.