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Monday, November 28, 2011

Tree Sparrows, subtle beauty

American Tree Sparrow

American Tree Sparrow, note the central breast dot

One of the highlights at our bird feeders now are the newly arrived
American Tree Sparrows. Like the juncos, they spend the winter with us and depart in spring. We enjoy their delicate good looks and their tinkling calls, as they roam the winter landscape. They breed across upper Canada and in Alaska and are seen in winter throughout much of the country. Their central breast dot stands out on their clear breast and notice their white wing bars and yellow lower mandible, good ID clues.
American Tree Sparrows eat weed seeds and come to our feeders for millet, cracked corn and other small seeds under the feeders. We often go out in our yard with our binoculars and look at the feeders and around our property at any sparrows we see, looking closely at these subtly colored birds. The reward is discovering and identifying the many species of sparrows in fall and winter. Try it, you may be surprised at how many species of sparrows can see at your own feeders.
Are you seeing Tree Sparrows and if so, where are you?


Unknown said...

Lovely photos Lillian. This bird has been a nemesis for me, along with Snow Buntings. We get them in Utah and Idaho, but I keep missing them. I'm hoping this is my week for Tree Sparrows!

Lillian Stokes said...

Robert, we'll Send you some!

CarolNH said...

I'm in southern NH and I usually see them Jan-March...