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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Common Yellowthroat peek-a-boo

Popping up, in the fall foliage,

a Common Yellowthroat looked around, then dove down, while the

"Karma Corona" Dahlia approved.

One of the fall migrants in our garden recently was this Common Yellowthroat, f. , peeping from behind the fall foliage, a usual move from this skulky, don't-let-the-photographer-get-a-full-body-photo little warbler. Get to know this bird well. It's a common migrant. Note the pale eye-ring, brownish cheeks contrasting sharply with the yellowish throat, buffy yellow breast. Not visible is the yellow undertail coverts. A 1st winter male would begin to show a little black on the face, the beginning of what will become his raccoon mask as an adult. Common Yellowthroat adult males are bright yellow with a raccoon-like mask. This warbler breeds across much of North America in dense, brushy areas often near water.

Warblers and hawks are migrating big time now.

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