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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Yellow-throated Warbler, Yum spider!

Yellow-throated Warbler, Dendroica dominica

We're down in Sanibel Island, FL where the birding and bird photography is just great. I photographed this Yellow-throated Warbler in Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, it was wrestling with something big, not sure what is was.

A-ha! A tasty, big spider, yum! Gutsy warbler.

Yellow-throated Warblers are aptly named and gorgeous, with that lemon yellow throat dramatically outlined by black.

This is a relatively slower moving warbler, as warblers go (which means it's fast compared to many birds). It creeps around trunks and limbs, much like a Black-and-white Warbler or nuthatch.

It also has a relatively long bill,

all the better to poke and probe crevices and under bark, as here, to find insects and prey.

Very cool bird. I love warblers and was happy to have a chance to photograph this one. I hand-held (necessary to track this quick moving bird in the foliage) my Canon 1D Mark IV camera with my Canon IS 300 mm lens plus a 1.4 teleconverter, and bumped up the ISO to 1250 in some of these photos where the bird was in the shade.


Jason Kessler said...

Absolutely stunning pix.

LNMP298 said...

That is one pretty warbler! Great photos.

Anonymous said...

spectacular pictures! thanks for sharing.
Lynda in Michigan.(Brr.)

Connie said...

Lovely bird, lovely photos!

Kaylen said...

Wonderful pictures! I always learn so much from you. Happy New Year!

jt said...

i saw a yellow throated warbler the Atlantis resort in NAssau, Bahamas Nov. 12, 2011. Had no idea what it was til i got home and looked it up

jt said...

i saw a yellow throated warbler at Atlantis resort (in a small palm tree) Nov 12, 2011. i had no idea what it was until i got home