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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Best Friends of the furry kind

Our Corgis, Abby (left) Phoebe (right)

Looking out at our incredible view of the landscape we manage to attract the maximum birds, we've seen 192 species on our property so far.

Some of you asked how our Corgis, Phoebe (right, who is 4) and Abby (left, who is 2) are doing. Here they are side-by-side doing one of their favorite activities, looking out over the landscape through the big window, that just happens to be Corgi height. They are cousins (their mothers are sisters.) They do the same things together and we always marvel how they align themselves in the exact same way.

When we got a second dog we were fortunate to be able to see the puppies in the litter and let them play with Phoebe. Abby immediately started playing with Phoebe and we knew she would be a good match. Also, Abby was not the dominant one in her litter, more of a middle, and that's good. Phoebe is top dog and Abby happily accepts her position as lower in the pecking order. Dogs are pack animals and feel secure when they know their place in the hierarchy.

Corgis (Pembroke Welsh Corgis) are herding dogs. They can run fast, are very intelligent, and want and need a job. If you don't give them a job they will invent one. Looking out the door, they have decided, is one of their jobs and they will let us know if they think something outside needs our attention. One of the great things about having two is they play with one another.
They are best friends and they are our best friends of the furry kind.

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Awesome Guy said...

Cute Dogs.. Are they twins