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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Upland Sandpipers; Birding Maine 1

Upland Sandpiper

Kennebunk Plains WMA is over 1000 acres of amazing habitat

You must stay on the dirt road as you walk through the habitat

We're birding in southern Maine. Maine has some awesome birding areas. I just took these photos of Upland Sandpipers at Kennebunk Plains Wildlife Management Area in Biddeford, a not to be missed birding spot. This 1,041 acre area contains 600 acres of open sandplain grassland, rare in the state. Thus birds that prefer this habitat are scarce in the state, Upland Sandpipers being one of them. Uppies are shorebirds, but not of the shore, they nest in grasslands and winter in South America.
We were lucky and had a few fly right over our heads. They're big, beautiful birds and it was a thrill to see them.
More coming next week.


Dan Huber said...

wonderful photos, looks like a great spot to go.


Kevin said...

Very cool shots!

MaineBirder said...

Beautiful captures! I love going to the "Plains", although the Grasshopper Sparrow still eludes me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures as always.
"You must stay on the dirt road...". Did you bring your waders with you?
Lynda in Michigan.