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Friday, November 20, 2009

Stokes Feeder Friday, Squirrels!

Squirrels!!! We had to bring it up. Actually, when you start to talk to people about bird-feeding, as we frequently do, the first topic they usually bring up is squirrels. They complain that squirrels are getting on the feeders and eating the bird seed. The facts:

Gray Squirrels are widespread in feeder land.
They like bird seed
The have amazing, some say superhero-esq, acrobatic abilities
They have all day, every day, to think about how to get on your bird feeders
They are clever, and, depending on who you talk to, they are Einstein-level-clever

The people we hear from may or may not have tried to do something to prevent squirrels from getting their seed. Chances are, if they are still complaining about squirrels, they either haven't tried to do much, or have tried a variety of things which have not worked to prevent squirrels from reaching the bird seed.
We do have solid solutions to preventing squirrels from getting to your bird seed. It involves baffles and squirrel-proof feeders. However, we first thought we would ask you, our readers, to tell us your favorite squirrel-proof solutions. Next week on Feeder Friday, we'll go into all this in detail.


NW Nature Nut said...

My favorite is a baffle on a shepard's hook. It has always done the trick! I sure hear good things about Brome's Squirrel Busters too.

Life Looms Large said...

Right now we embrace the squirrels, let them eat our seed, and hope the dog has fun watching them and occasionally chasing them.

We also often put a pile of corn, peanuts and sunflower seed on the ground near the edge of the woods. The squirrels tend to go for that first, before heading to our feeder.

But I do look forward to having a better solution than just giving into the squirrels and trying to enjoy them!!


Sara said...

I like to provide the squirrels with there own feeder. Unfortunately I have a very small yard and there is no place to put the bird feeder where a squirrel can get to it (either jumping from the tree or my house). Providing the squirrels their own feeder doesn't keep them away from the bird feeder entirely, but it does reduce the amount of time they are at the bird feeder. I love squirrels too, so it's a system that works for me.

g beetham said...

I seem to have solved my squirrel problem and you guys are going to love to hear my solution. I use a lot of black oil sunflower seed to fill about 50 different feeders on my property. My solution was the discovery of the Stokes "squirrel proof" tube feeders. Over the last several years, I've replaced old damaged feeders with your design, and with only one exception, they've kept the squirrels at bay. I love them so much that I've advised others who ask that they are the best feeders available for the sunflower seed that squirrels love. Where I used to be at war with the squirrels, now I can enjoy their antics. Now bears are another story.

Anonymous said...

The best solution I have found is to give the squirrels their own feeder. If they are hungry, they will find a way around any deterrent you might try. So, just set aside a spot just for the squirrels and "train" them to dine there.

We have a platform for sunflower seeds and a wire ring of peanuts set aside for squirrels. Having a dedicated feeding station for them keeps them away from the other feeders in the yard. Everyone gets something to eat and no feeders get destroyed.

dig said...

at least you dont have the red squirrels, they are a lot worse. we just have a feeder that has bars around it to small for there heads to fit through.

Carl Hazen said...

Spring loaded feeders work very well. The squirrel jumps on the gate slides closed under their weight. Frustrated the squirrel jumps off. The spring opens the gate.
Worked great until last month when a black bear ambled by and pulled the whole contraption down swallowing all the seeds. (I saved 2 while he emptied one.) I haven't put the feeders out since and have noticed that, in spite of a bumper crop of acorns, we don't have any squirrels in our yard.

Anonymous said...

My family has learned to enjoy the squirrels as well as the birds. Problem solved.

However, we also installed some (mostly) squirrel-proof feeders well away from platforms like trees/buildings.

Hilke Breder said...

I bought an Audubon caged tube feeders. It kept the grey squirrels out but most of our squirrels are the red kind and they got in easily. Also the feeder was hard to clean, since the tube could not be removed from the cage. But because of our coon hound both kinds of squirrels have become very cautious in our yard.