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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brown Thrasher here

We had a Brown Thrasher two days ago at our bird feeders. We have been seeing this bird while birding around our property, for the last several days. Very cool. This is not a usual bird up here in NH. It's the Georgia state bird, so that tells you something about where it's common. Actually, it has a large range over much of the Midwest and East. It's just sparse in northen New England. This bird likes brushy edges and scrubby fields. Like the Mockingbird, it imitates the songs of other birds, repeating each sound twice.
We're lucky, here on our property, Bobolink Farm, because we have mixed habitat on our 45 acres. We have mixed woodlands, large fields, shrubby edges, and two-thirds of a mile frontage on a large, 200-acre-plus pond with vegetated edges, that's a damned up part of a river. That's why we see so many birds here. We continue to manage our property for habitat diversity.

Hawks are not the only birds migrating now, keep your eyes open for other migrants. Birds like Buff-bellied Sandpipers, a Marbled Godwit on the coast, Philadelphia Vireos, Cape May, Tennessee, Bay-breasted and Mourning Warblers are being seen.

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