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Monday, February 09, 2009

Backyard Thrush

Here down in GA, in the backyard, we found this Hermit Thrush, quietly sitting in the bushes. The head, back and wings are brown but the tail is reddish, a great clue to Hermit Thrush.

Here's a side view and you can see the moderate spotting on the breast and the thin whitish eye-ring. It sat quietly and didn't seem to mind me. This is how I think of thrushes, lurking in shady, leafy nooks. It's wintering down here. Could it be the same Hermit Thrush that breeds at our NH home?
We will be very busy for the next week and may not be able to blog much, but we'll be back soon.


Connie said...

Such a sweet little bird. Maybe we have a few of them?

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

Isn't it neat to think of the prospect that this bird breeds in your neighborhood? Oh, the miracles of migration!

Unknown said...

it looks like it is pretty warm there! I wish it would stop snowing around here.

Joshua Cornett said...

I like the photos of the Turkey Vultures. That's the best I seen of them. Not to long ago I was on the ground taking some pictures of some birds and a Turkey Vulture came flying over me and watching me. He was just flying in circles trying to figure me out. After a minute or two I started to feel sorry for him and left. Again great photos. You can really see that red head. That's one thing I like best from the Turkey Vultures.