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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Hooded Mergansers, female on right, male on left

Male with his "hood" raised

We keep a spotting scope set-up right next to our living room window, so we can be birding and looking out over our pond, even when inside. We're seeing migrating Hooded Mergansers on our pond right now. These spunky little ducks dive down and eat fish. We have even had them nest in a bird house that is supposed to be for an owl, but Mrs. Hoodie Merganser didn't know that.
Other migrants being seen in central and southern NH by birders right now are White-winged Crossbills. Click here for photo. We haven't seen any yet but we'll keep looking. Learn their calls as a good way to identify a distant flock in flight.


Anonymous said...

hey sorry about the copyrite i did not know. Nice pictures

Lillian Stokes said...

Yes, my photos are copyright to me and cannot be used by anyone else without my permission.
There are a number places on the web that offer "free" bird photos, but even there, people need to read the terms and conditions sections of those websites. There can be restrictions on even the "free" photos, such as the user must link back to the website offering the "free" bird photo.
Maybe you can get an autofocus digital camera and take your own bird photos.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the information. i am hoping to get a 500mm canon to take pictures but i just don't have the money.

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

Hoodies are beautiful. Love the images.