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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Birding Acadia National Park, 4

While going around the park, you can stop anywhere on the road and look out over the beautifully scenic, rocky coast. We stopped frequently and scanned the ocean.

There's always someplace where you can find Common Eiders, those wonderful ocean ducks that can dive down and eat mollusks and other crustaceans.

One of the stops on the road is at "Thunder Hole" a small cavern worn at the base of the rocks.

When a big wave comes in it produces a thundering sound and splashes up high, sometimes on you!
If you go to Acadia be sure and bring your binoculars and enjoy the wonderful birds, great scenery and lobster!
We will be on vacation next week see you on Monday, Aug. 18th.


Suzanne said...

My gosh it looks a scary spot where you took the last photo.
I love the landing of the Ocean duck on the water.

LNMP298 said...

Acadia is probably one of my favorite places on earth! Loved all your pictures. Did you get to the gardens? That's a fun place to look for birds early in the morning, before the tour buses arrive.