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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Second Broods: Eastern Phoebe

Nestling Eastern Phoebes

Being fed by their parent

Here are nestling Eastern Phoebes in our barn, here in NH. The nest is on one of the lights in the rafters, just the kind of sheltered ledge that Phoebe's like as a nesting spot. This is the second brood of this pair who we think is the same pair that have nested in this same spot for the last 3 years. The nestlings are so cute and waiting to be fed by the parent.

Two days later they fledged into the big world. They will be fed for up to 3 more weeks by their parents. Then they will be on their own, having find their own food, survive the dangers of their first migration, then return to the north and find mates and breeding territories of their own. Quite a big challenge they have ahead of them.

Many birds have second and even third broods depending on where they live. Birds in southern regions, due to a longer period of warmer weather, are more likely to have 3rd broods. Robins, bluebirds, cardinals, Chipping Sparrows and more all have nestlings or fledglings around us now.

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