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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I took this Mockingbird photo recently in GA. Not easy to get. I love the challenge of photographing birds in flight. You have to watch them carefully and anticipate what they will do. You need as much advance time as you can get, usually seconds at best, to get the camera up and focused on them. I watched this one as it watched for insects on the ground. Then it went down to grab an insect. I had to be patient, wait for it to fly, then, as fast as I could, center the camera on it and hit the button. This is where the Canon Mark II excells, with it's super fast autofocus and multiple frames per second capture. Voila!
Not only did I get this cool shot, even showing it with an insect in its bill, but I had the enjoyment of taking the time to get into the life and mind of this Mockingbird.

Photo © Lillian Stokes, 2008


J. Karl Clampit said...

Very nice shot! It is always nice when patience pays off with a great shot like this.

Chad said...

I saw my first N. Mockingbird of the year today - at my feeders! They are so beautiful in flight with those very distinct flashes of white on their wings!