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Monday, February 04, 2008

"Blue" Monday

This is a blue Monday if you're from New England because the New England Patriots were beaten 17-14 in the Super bowl last night by the New York Giants. So we have pictured some "blue birds." (Do you know who they are?) If the Patriots had won, they would have had a record breaking 18-0 season.
Just to cheer you up, if you're a Patriots fan, as we are, here are some "sunny" photos.


Anonymous said...

Let's see. #1 is an Eastern Bluebird, of course. And #3 is a Blue Jay. #2 is certainly a scrub-jay; based on the gray forehead, I'm going to guess a Florida Scrub-jay.

Lillian Stokes said...

You're correct. The Eastern Bluebird in first photo, and the Blue Jay in the third photo are probably more easily recognized by most people. The second photo is of a Florida Scrub-Jay, a unique bird that lives only in Florida in brushy oak scrub habitat that has been diminished by development. That's why this species is listed as Federally-threatened.

Tom Pirro said...

Very fitting you placed the Eastern Bluebird at the top, the New York state bird (which I bet you knew). As always, outstanding photos!

Mel said...

Bluebirds are beautiful creatures, haven't seen any around here (Lima, Peru), who knows, maybe I get lucky and find a way to travel. I'll keep on dreaming ;)