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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Finch Feast

Our American Goldfinches are feasting on thistle seed in our Stokes Select Finch Screen Feeder and they're a treat for our eyes. Finches love to feed as a flock so the feeder accomodates many of them, since they can cling to the screen and feed in any direction, including upside down. This feeder hangs right outside our office window so we get to watch the comings and goings of the finches all day long. Our line of Stokes Select Feeders are personally field tested by us to make sure they successfullly attract birds. The reason we have the feeders is that we care about helping people enjoy and appreciate birds and feeding the birds is a great place for them to start. A portion of the proceeds from our line of feeders is donated to bird habitat and conservation. You can find our Stokes Select Feeders and seed at many retail establishments across the country. To locate a store near you go here.

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