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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Phoebe & Friends

Since we are established bird and nature authors, we thought we would teach our Corgi puppy, "Phoebe" to be an animal-lover, also, and are introducing her to other creatures. So far, she has met these species:

- Big Yellow Ducky
- Little Squeaky Pink Piglet
- Fuzzy Brown Beaver
- Dapper Bunny with Bow Tie
- Unknown Waterfowl with Brown Dots

Her favorite so far is Fuzzy Brown Beaver which she carries around the house and likes to sleep with in her crate bed at night.


Julie Zickefoose said...

I remember when Chet Baker played with his toys instead of immediately eviscerating them. Now his toy basket is full of empty stuffed animal skins and clumps of Hollofil. Phoebe is precious!

Lillian Stokes said...

The day will undoubtedly come when Phoebe can do more damage to the toys. Right now she has her baby teeth and can't chew through them. Phoebe's predecessor, our Corgi Daisy, was able to surgically remove a squeeker from a toy in under a minute.

Unknown said...

Our Doberman, Baby (12 1/2 years old) has so many stuffed animals that I can hardly walk through a room without tripping or hearing a squeak. Although, many of the toys have been mysteriously loosing their squeakers. Her favorite is a bear that I would guess is twice Phoebe's size. She carts it around and uses it as a pillow.

Totally cute photos of Phoebe!!

Anonymous said...

Your puppy phoebe is soo cute and what great friends she has! I just would love to scratch her large ears!

Anonymous said...

My Toto has fallen for a huge stuffed Gorrilla and now I sleep with the Gorrilla as well as Toto. I hope he is faithfull to the gorilla as I don't have room for a harem! Toto's mom