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Monday, November 06, 2006

My Smart Puppy

Once upon a time, there was a very smart puppy.........

Phoebe, our new Corgi puppy is being read a great training book called, My Smart Puppy by premier dog training experts, Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. It's amazing, all we do is read the book to Phoebe and she immediately learns all the training.

Just joking! Training a new puppy is really all about training yourself to know what your puppy needs and how to communicate effectively what you want, as Brian and Sarah aptly point out. It is a rewarding and challenging activity and very necessary if you are to develop a well-trained canine companion who is a joy to live with. Phoebe is smart, and willing and it is up to us to bring out the best in her.

We really like this book and have learned a lot from it. It is chock full of great training methods that are fun, as well as solid coaching of you, the trainer. Some of our favorite wisdom from My Smart Puppy book:

"You Raise What You Praise"
"You Get What You Pet"

These are lessons in how important it is to reward the good behavior you want to encourage in your dog. This book even comes with a DVD to demonstrate the authors' techniques. Thanks Brian and Sarah!

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