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Monday, September 11, 2006

Gone Hawkwatching

We are going hawkwatching today and any day this week that seems promising. So we will get to the blog when we can. Yesterday we watched from our property, Bobolink Farm, and saw 376 hawks, most seen from 3:00- 5:30 pm. The majority of them were Broad-winged Hawks and we also saw 2 Bald Eagles, very exciting!
Traditionally, most Broad-winged Hawks clear out of New England between Sept. 10th and 20th. They migrate using thermals, rising up, then gliding to the next. So when a Canadian high pressure system moves through, as is occurring now, it brings thermals, mild northerly winds, and ideal hawk migrating conditions. We grab our "Stokes DLS" 8 power binoculars (best power for hawkwatching), pack a lunch and off we go to a hawkwatch site. If you have time today, or any clear day this week, and are in the eastern part of the country, look up, you may see some hawks.

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