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Monday, July 10, 2006

Canoe Ride with Daisy

"Daisy, you want to go for a canoe ride"?
Daisy is our beloved Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Corgis are very smart and Daisy has a large vocabulary so she knows what "canoe" means. Daisy is over thirteen and a half years old, quite senior for a Corgi, who usually live twelve to fifteen years. Her health is beginning to fail, so we try and do nice things with her, treasuring every moment we have with her.

Daisy running to the canoe. A canoe ride is one of her favorite things.

Daisy says, "Come on Lillian, get in the canoe we're waiting for you".

Looking out for wildlife from the canoe.

Lillian took the "Stokes Birding Series 8 x 25 Meadowlark Binocular", lightweight and compact, perfect for travelling in the canoe.

We spotted a mother Mallard and her five ducklings, rather camouflaged against the reeds at the edge of the lake. Daisy did not bark, we have taught her not to bark at birds. Be safe Mallards.

Daisy's special spot in the canoe is by Lillian's side at the bow. Daisy has learned just how to keep her nose inside the canoe edge so the paddle doesn't whack her nose with each stroke. She gets to look out and feel the breeze, kinda like a dog riding in a car with the window down.

Now there's a happy Corgi.

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