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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who's Your Daddy

And now, for some Corgi fun. Abby, our new Corgi puppy is growing fast and is 19 weeks old. We wonder what she'll look like when she's fully grown.

There's a family resemblance to her daddy, Keiffer (Aust./Am. Ch. Aberlee Phantom Sequence).

Abby playing with our Corgi, Phoebe, of "Blogger Phoebe" fame. It's great fun to watch them play and play in the snow. They run and chase and wrestle and constantly invent new games. They're becoming best pals.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...


Karen said...

Who can resist that c-u-t-e face!!

Denise said...

Corgis and birds...does it get any better??? I had two PWC who were with me for twelve years. They are so wonderful!!!! Great post!

Unknown said...

Nice cover on the Cryer! It is of course even better in color.