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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rail Luck

Marsh on St. Simon's Island, the island next to Jekyll Island, GA

Clapper Rail

Took a walk by the marsh with the dogs in late afternoon. The dogs paused and there, in the ditch, was a Clapper Rail. Nice! Clappers are secretive marsh birds, who often are active at dusk. We always are thrilled when we see one. They live along the East and Gulf coasts, parts of CA and a few other areas.
As I had just said in one of my last posts, think of all the rails that must be in those Georgia marshes, and, lucky us, we found one.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Way to go.

Chris W said...

Nice photo! Clapper Rails are awesome!
Sounds like your Georgia trip is going well. I'll be watching for future posts. ;)

Happy Birding! --Chris

NCmountainwoman said...

Ah, the marshes of Glynn. What a wonderful place. Nice rail photograph.