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Monday, January 19, 2009


We've been traveling to southern Georgia for a visit to go birding and also to attend the big BEN (Bird Education Network) national gathering next month. Here's the welcome sign (photographed through the windshield) as we crossed the Georgia state line.

First thing I noticed, aside from no snow, (yipee), was the red maple tree in bloom (which doesn't happen until May in NH) and the palm trees. These bushy pom-poms on sticks are Cabbage Palms, also known as Sabal Palms. They're native palms, unlike the stereoptype Coconut Palms, which are not native.

Not all trees are in bloom or have leaves, as you can see from this shot of one of the rivers we crossed.

What's amazing about the island areas in southern Georgia, is the vast coastal marshes that separate the islands from the mainland are preseved and untouched. Think of all that bird habitat. How many rails do you think could fit in these marshes?

Here's a distant view of the bridge that connects to Jekyll Island. Jekyll is much preserved and a great birding spot. It's where the conference will be held.


Parus said...

I knew I recognized that marsh and river! I've seen that very same bridge from the very same location!

Jekyll Island is a pretty awesome place!

Have fun! --Chris

mckay olson said...

sounds like fun! how aften do you go on trips like that? fun!!!